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2015 / 02


Editorial 2/2015

Renata Salátová

History and today

Database of Czech Librarians

Dana Smetanová
Summary: The article presents the Dictionary of Czech Librarians – the cooperative project of the National Library of the Czech Republic and regional research libraries. It describes basic principles of cooperation between libraries, activities and the process of creating database. The purpose of the database is to present personalities who have made their mark in librarianship and information science in the Czech Republic....

Project of retroconversion of the card catalogues of Faculty of Arts Library

Klára Rösslerová
Summary: Between 2013 and 2014 a unique project of retroconversion of bibliographic data took place at the Library of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. The project was partially supported by the VISK 5 grant and in its two years 400 000 paper catalogue cards were processed and made accessible through the Central Catalogue of the Charles University and the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic. The classic retrospective processing of the catalogue would have taken ca. 40 years. The retroconversion method has brought about both a significant increase in the speed of the processing of the library catalogue as well as an improvement in its accessibility....

Information and conference

Current concept of Information Science: theoretical foundations and aplication domains

Beáta Sedláčková
Summary: Paper is devoted to the current concept of information science. From a methodological point of view four conditions required for recognition of the comprehensive set of knowledge as the discipline of science are outlined. The contemporary view on the concept of information science is offered - its theoretical foundations, individual disciplines and application domains...

Public lending right in selected countries

Linda Jansová
Summary: This paper focuses on comparison of public lending right as it is implemented in various countries. Thirty countries including the Czech Republic are included in the comparison. First of all, individual countries are described from a demographic and economic perspective. Then the paper presents selected indicators related to public libraries and publishing industry in individual countries. These data are subsequently used to interpret public lending right implementation....

Knihovny současnosti 2016
Date of the conference: 6th September to 8th September 2016, Olomouc
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